Shri. Shailesh kumar singh
Ministry of Rural Development

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Shri. Dr G Narendra Kumar
Director General

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Shri. Pankaj Yadav
Ministry of Rural Development

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News & Updates

  • Tripura MSC RFP (Posted on: 16-July-2024).
  • As per MoRD instructions, Batch Creation, Batch Closure, Placement Appointment and Placement Monthly Continuity Data will not allowed to update in KB after the completion of Project Duration. (Posted on: 26-April-2024).
  • All Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) are requested to map/update the Kaushal Bharat Batch ID and Candidate ID for batches initiated prior to 1st January 2024, on the Rural Skills Attendance portal. This is essential for the seamless porting of candidates' biometric attendance data to Kaushal Bharat

    Additionally, this functionality can be utilized for candidates who had previously dropped out from earlier batches but have re-enrolled in subsequent batches.

    To access the map/update feature, navigate to Manage User > Active Users > Edit, from PIA Admin login of Rural Skills Attendance portal. All relevant details of the candidate's shall be verified from the Kaushal Bharat platform during this process. (Posted on: 16-April-2024).
  • As per the instructions from MoRD, a new feature 'Batch Deemed Approval' will be introduced in Kaushal Bharat from 1st April, 2024. Any batch pending for approval for 20 days from Batch Start date will be considered as 'Batch Deemed Approved' in KB.

    Note: All pending batches greater than 20 days from Batch Start date as on 1st April, 2024 also will be considered as Batch Deemed Approved in KB. (Posted on: 21-Mar-2024).
  • Automation of Aadhaar Enabled Bio-metric Attendance (AEBAS) system on Kaushal Bharat portal under DDUGKY. (Posted on: 18-Mar-2024).
  • Note: Submodules in Change Request Management has been shuffled to their respective main modules. (Posted on: 15-Mar-2024)
  • As per MoRD instructions, If a candidate is appointed to a job in "X" month, then that document must be uploaded in KB by "X+2" Months.

    Ex: If a candidate is appointed in Jan 2024 then the PIA has a provision to update the appointment till March 2024, from 1st April 2024 calendar will be disabled for the January 2024 appointment. Similarly functionality will be for Monthly continuity also. (Posted on: 11-Mar-2024).
  • New feature for Placement Data Creation: Eligibility check/ Validation of the candidates is a tool to check the status of the candidates as Accepted or Rejected (Posted on: 11-Mar-2024).
  • PIAs practicing manipulation in candidate primary details - reg. (Posted on: 05-Mar-2024).
  • As per MoRD instructions, Sample bifurcation/ distribution for the legacy installment is provided to PIA OP team under CRM Module Legacy submission , Legacy data approval by (SRLM-OP) and Placement sample assignment by (SRLM-OP)

    Note: User may cross verify the sanction target and placement number required for the installment to submit as legacy data as per respective installment (Posted on: 20-Feb-2024).
  • Physical Verification Report (SRLM/CTSA): Placement decisions of the respective stakeholders will be visible only when all the samples of respective lot/data creation for the month is completed

    Success Rate Generation: Dash board for pending samples will be visible in success rate page, Success rate will be generated only if all the decisions of that respective lot/data creation month are completed (Provided milestone of that respective installment is achieved) (Posted on: 20-Feb-2024).
  • With reference to the letter from MoRD dated 07th Nov,2023, 1. Batch Scheduling and 2. Batch Closure Approval modules are made live on Kaushal Bharat. (Posted on: 03-Jan-2024).
  • As per MoRD instructions, all the PIAs are requested to cross verify the Candidate Basic Details available against the Kaushal Panjee ID (KPID) while registering on Kaushal Bharat. In case, if any changes are required, may approach SRLM/SSDM for necessary modification in KPID prior to registration on Kaushal Bharat. No changes in Candidate Basic Details (after registration on Kaushal Bharat) shall be allowed from 2nd January 2024 onwards . (Posted on: 2-Jan-2024).
  • As per MoRD Instructions, if the verifying officer indicates that the candidate's available location is "No" and makes a decision of "Placed" or "Not Placed," they are required to provide the final decision along with a video within 10 days. (This will be in effect from 1st Jan, 2024). (Posted on: 14-Dec-2023).
  • A new feature/module is added in Kaushal Bharat to upload the Success Stories and Photo gallery of DDU-GKY events. (Posted on: 28-Nov-2023).
  • As per MoRD instructions, Batch start date reset, Candidate Enrollment and Candidate Deenrollment in Change Request Management Modules will be disabled w.e.f 1st January, 2024. (Posted on: 22-Nov-2023).
  • Introducing new features on Kaushal Bharat from 1st January 2024. (Posted on: 07-Nov-2023).
  • A new feature is added in SRLM Operations login under Batch Management to check the details of candidate registration at time of SRLM batch approval. (Posted on: 07-Nov-2023).
  • Project Closure: As per MoRD instructions a New Module will be introduced in KB for processing of the Foreclosure/ Termination of the Projects. (Posted on: 02-Nov-2023).
  • Data Creation for Physical Verification: A new feature is added in Data Creation module , currently Data creation is possible only once in a month, which is accumulating bulk candidates in data creation at a time, to overcome this issue, now data creation is allowed multiple times in a month until Sample's are generated for the Physical Verification for the specified month. Once Physical verification samples generated then Data Creation for the specified month is not allowed. (Posted on: 31-Oct-2023).
  • Training Centre / Residential Facility Location Update: A new feature is introduced in PIA Operations login under Centre Management to update the missing Latitude and Longitude details of the Training centre / Residential Facility. (This is one time activity). (Posted on: 21-sept-2023).
  • Candidate Authorization: A new feature is added in Candidate registration under Candidate Management module in PIA Operations login to change the decision of the Candidate authorization( If PIA mistakenly approves or rejects the candidate authorization). The feature will be available till the candidate is enrolled in any batch. (Posted on: 7-sept-2023).
  • Kaushal Panjee ( https://kaushalpanjee.nic.in) portal will remain inactive for 48 Hrs. from 01st Aug 2023 @6:00PM. (Posted on: 1-Aug-2023).
  • Please find the list of updated LWE districts. Please check before submitting.
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